One Pot Meal Prep

Hey there blog family! It’s been a WHILE. I’m back on my A game though, so not to worry. I haven’t been meal prepping lately but I figured tonight’s meal prep was worth a post. Here we are. Hi. How are ya? I’ve been watching a lot of Julie and Julia lately (it’s on Netflix …

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Grocery Shopping 101

Let’s talk grocery shopping! For some people, it’s another chore. Just like laundry, the dishes, and cleaning the floors. A chore outside of the house. You have to deal with human beings, grab a yucky cart that 826482 people have touched that day (ew). And then somehow, bring all of the groceries into the house … Continue reading Grocery Shopping 101

What I’m Up To Now..

Hey guys! I have some pretty EXCITING news! Guess who started the Whole30 challenge yesterday? This girl! I’ve never done a challenge like this before so it will be interesting and I am up for the challenge. I’ll be posting weekly updates of what I’ve learned, how I feel, etc on every Friday between now … Continue reading What I’m Up To Now..

All I Stew is Win

Happy Sunday! As we all know (and probably have been infected), flu season is here. Yay……. BUT I found the BEST stew recipe for you and you should be cured in no time. Who needs Campbell’s when you have a recipe like this? Here’s what you’ll need: 1/2 lb of chicken, cooked and shredded 1 … Continue reading All I Stew is Win

ChipotBAE Bowls

You guys. If I’m being honest, I really couldn’t decide what to do for meal prep this week. Nothing really sounded exciting. So, I thought to myself, “if I were to go out to lunch instead of meal prepping, what would I get?” Chipotle was my first thought. I literally didn’t even blink an eye … Continue reading ChipotBAE Bowls